West Virginia
Board of Respiratory Care
New Applicant

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Application Fees
The application fee of $200.00 ($75.00 Student Temporary Permit) must be submitted at the end of this license application by credit card. If you cannot or are not willing to pay online by credit card you will need to download and print the application form and mail it with your payment of MONEY ORDER or CASHIER’S CHECK ONLY made payable to the West Virginia Board of Respiratory Care to WV Board of Respiratory Care, P O Box 40329, Charleston, WV 25364

Required Documents for Licensure
To apply for a license, the applicant must complete this online application for license and attach/upload the following required documents:
  1. Copy of the certificate of completion (official transcript or diploma) of an approved respiratory care educational program. Not applicable to Student Temporary Permits.
  2. Copy of the original NBRC Credential Certificate or official “Statement of Credentials” from the NBRC. NBRC CREDENTIALS MUST BE VALID. (Not applicable to Student Temporary Permits).
  3. A copy of your driver's license or passport.
  4. Student Temporary Permit Only (Download BORC FORMS)
    1. Educational Facility Affidavit with official seal (BoRC Form)
    2. Official Transcript indicating completion of 1st year of respiratory program or a minimum of 30 semester hours or the quarter hour equivalent. 18 hours must have been completed in core respiratory courses.
    3. Employer Statement (BoRC Form)
  5. Continuing Education Requirements: (Not applicable to new graduates or students).
  6. New Applicant:
    If you have (1) not actively been practicing or, (2) coming from a state that does not require continuing education or, (3) you have not acquired continuing education within the past 24 months, you are required to submit proof of five continuing education units with this application. Additional continuing education units may be accessed within 30 days of licensure. If you have not practiced in the preceding five (5) years, this board requires you to retake and pass the National Board of Respiratory Care examination. You must hold valid national credentials with the NBRC.

    In addition to the requirements for a new applicant, if you are applying for reinstatement of an expired West Virginia license and you did not fulfill your continuing education requirement at the time of your license expiration, your previous continuing education requirement must be fulfilled and accompany this application. You must hold valid national credentials with the NBRC.
Providing false information on this application will result in denial of licensure or future revocation of license.